Yield bearing Stable Coin Index - V2 on Avalanche

Today I come with another proposal and I’m also curious what do you think about it.

Since the launch of the Yield bearing Stable Coin Index on Avalanche, a lot of changes have occurred in the Avalanche ecosystem. There is a native token currently included in the Index composition that is no longer supported by the Yield Yak protocol.
This makes it imperative for urgent V2 updates to be made to the Yield bearing Stable Coin-Avalanche.

For example The Cook Team should deploy the latest Yak strategy for USDT.e, USDC.e and DAI.e


I think the team knows about this issue. and i know they have solution on it. lets wait for their announcement regarding this or lets wait for your proposal to implement.

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the index should always follow new updates from the protocol it uses. if it’s less profitable or less secure than before, some adjustments are necessary to be applied. btw, nice catch.

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Finally, I am not the only one who noticed this issue. A big yes for the proposal. apply and follow the latest strategy.

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