Yield Bearing Stable Coin Index on BNB

Provide a yield bearing stablecoin index on BNB Chain including USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI


this is good idea to add Yield Bearing Stable Coin Index on BNB especially with the right components.


right components are the key here, this can be very useful index


of course we need such index with stablecoins on BNB chain, allocation for should be based on the stable coin’s vault TVL


stable coins should be deposited into lending protocols such as Venus and Alpaca

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I see so much improvement so far, and Providing a yield bearing stable coin on bnb chain is a good one

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I like this concept already.
Footing the high volatility stance of the Crypto market. Yield bearing with stablecoin index will be a safe haven for every investors.

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Will, in my opinion, it’s a smart one. Adding yield bearing stable coin Index will do Cook a whole lot of good

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This is going to make a lot of sense since BnB has cheap and faster transaction speed, making it easy for fast acceleration.