Yield bearing Avalanche Ecosystem Index V3 on Avalanche


I would like to know your opinion about updating Yield bearing Avalanche Ecosystem Index V2 to V3 on Avalanche.

I think, that by updating YAEI-V2 to V3, index selectors will be able to benefit from new native tokens on the Avalanche network. Newly launched projects also have the potential to grow at a faster rate than older and more saturated projects. Therefore, the addition of new tokens into an existing index can elicit greater yields.

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This is wonderful! You have my support on this amazing update! Please implement this immediately for greater Yields!

yeah, new tokens have bigger potential to get massive gains. if updating to V3 can make the index selector have a wider range of potential native tokens on the Avalanche network, then updating or making a new one is ok. I will support the proposal.

I want to see more potential tokens included on that Avalanche Ecosystem Index in the future. This update is needed.