Just a little suggestion

Hey guys, I’m happy that it os finally launched! I have a suggestion, can we have some activity here? Like contest? Meme, article, and etc? What do you think guys

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Hey no one has a suggestion? I really wanna be close with cook army

Yeah. community engagement is a good one. We rank every post depends on the quality, I knew some info because I have joined some Social Mining on dao Maker before

Not a bad suggestion at all… it will be fun

I hope the team will consider making that

I guess. They’ll look at it

We can try, why not. :slight_smile: I would like to be close to the with Cook army too.

Yeah. Honestly, we need more discussions and topic here

Funny and helpful though

It’s good to know that you guys likes my idea

They certainly will, it’s a brilliant idea

I guess so. Hopefully that the admin gives it attention, let’s wait on September 17

Admins will look into it I think, your suggestion is fun

Yes. They will I guess

That’s right ghems, looking forward to some better views here aswell

It will be fun! More ways of earning is so much fun!

Sounds good to me. :slight_smile:

Same here. I think it’s good

Meme articles, contest will be amazing

But guys seriously, it would be a good idea