Grayscale Defi Fund INDEX

What about an index based on grayscale Defi fund?

It would be a nice idea to take advantage of this access and exposure that Grayscale is providing
to the digital currency asset class.

Fund Components per Share:

Uniswap 41.64%

Aave 13.76%

Maker 12.98%

Curve 7.20%

AMP 7.05%

Yearn 5.80%

Compound 4.83%

Synthetix 4.55%

Sushiswap 2.19%


I agree, not only that Grayscale might be a nice reference due to it’s activities in the cryptomarket.
Beside the Defi Fund, Grayscale offers the " Grayscale® Smart Contract Platform Ex-Ethereum Fund" that consists of the following components currently:

Cardano ADA 27.39%
Solana SOL 23.80%
Avalanche AVAX 16.54%
Polkadot DOT 15.23%
Polygon MATIC 8.87%
Algorand ALGO 4.29%
Stellar Lumen XLM 3.88%

Both funds might be a good starting point for additional indexes at Cook.

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I can´t agree with you more

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