EDI Fund Discussion

So I see for the EDI fund there are a lot of really popular DeFi tokens that aren’t included. Perhaps we can add more to better track the DeFi market? What other DeFi tokens does everyone think would be good to add?”

Am glad this came up, indeed there are alot of Defi tokens we could add, I suggest we add some more

Adding more Defi tokens doesn’t seem like a good idea to me

I think this is a good idea!

Right now it’s hard to me to suggest You anything. It’s nice you thinking about the improvements. Do You have any token on Your mind?

Do you think adding tokens will be wise?

To me? No need of adding tokens

It’s hard to suggest. Maybe to much is not a good ideal …

why do you think we need to add more tokens to EDI?

It’s good idea to me, I say let’s add some defi

Well what if we add tokens and it doesn’t work? What then

Yeah we only need cook cli eth and btc lol

For me this is not a good idea

yeah, seems like we are not sure which tokens to be added. But I agree that ETH should not be included in the EDI

Hahah may we know your reason please?? Why do you think it can’t work

It’s a good idea, let’s add some tokens

What are your reasons??

We need to add more tokens because there are a lot of defi projects and only 5 tokens cannot track the overall performance of the defi ecosystem on Ethereum.

I think the best way forward with this one would be to come up with a list of tokens that the community would like to see added, and then submit a formal proposal that can be voted on!

To get an idea of how the proposal process works, please check out this link: Process - Cook Finance

That’s true actually, now I understand. Adding Defi tokens isn’t a bad idea anyway