Discussion on how to Improve Cook social Networks

Hey guys, how do you think we can improve Cook in all social channels.

Probably increase contest??

There are alot of things we can do to make cook better actually

Am glad this came up you know. The developments from Cook have been amazing. Maybe we can add more competitions

Be a friend profit group

When Cook goes up, we go up as well. I think we can individually promote Cook

On that note we can choose to post Cook on our own social platforms. Cos truly we will move forward when price moves

for sure we need constant updates, engaging content, and community to help with likes, shares to make it viral. i know these are basics but very important for sure we need community support

This is very brilliant actually, it would be good to like, comment and share post on Cook

I think that community has a lot of power and for sure we should do all what possible to make them involved

Community can also share some details on their social media too. Also advertise those that got the shirts and glasses giveaway.

I know I will follow the next steps and instructions for the next giveaway, it would be good to win

We would really appreciate any support that you can give to our socials! Liking, sharing, retweeting, clapping our posts all help to spread the word about Cook!

Our channels are:
Twitter - https://twitter.com/cook_finance
Medium - https://cook-protocol.medium.com/
You Tube - Cook Finance - YouTube

Thanks to everyone who has suggested another contest or giveaway - this feedback has been shared with the team, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

Hey guys, heard of the giveaway?

That’s good. Sharing, liking and commenting is. Great idea

I will start doing this, indeed like, comments and retweets will push Cook forward

I support Cook as much as I can. :slight_smile:

You should there have lots of post especially on Twitter, you can share, like and comment

we need more videos and content on youtube, and keep working on them, if we have tutorials, then ask community for feedback and make them great, more content, frequent publications are the key in my opinion

That’s a good idea, any project you invest inn, when it increases, your investment increases too. I think you should join, like, comment and retweet on Cook’s post.