Discuss Crypto Largecap Index (CLI)

Irrespective of how volatile the market is, do you think 3months rebalancing period is too long for the Crypto Largecap Index (CLI) on Cook Dapp??


True, the market is volatile, three months is Abit too much

2 months is enough. Cook is huge :fire:

Some people are suggesting 1month
Hahaha. Indeed the market is volatile

Am among those suggesting 1month. I actually value my cook coins

Isn’t one month too small, we can do two months

I guess they are just curious and scared of the market. It’s really shaky especially now

Especially now. It seem the market goes bad each day. Kinda tiring

Talking about the market, it’s funny. Less green candles by the day.

Exactly why most people are saying 3 months is much