Crypto Largecap Index(CLI)

This dao needs more attention. We must create some contest

what are the contests to be put on?

Same, mark you calendar on 17th. :fire:

DAO is the real deal

No doubt! i can’t wait for the launch

Do you think more activities like contest should be introduced here, it will be fun you know

Yes, on 17th, don’t miss out

Awesome!!! Looking forward to it🚀

Looks like we have a lot of interest on this. I will create a proposal then!!! Let’s do it!!!

I agree with you, Month is enough.

Yeah. One month and then new pool

I agree one month or two

I think, Maybe 2 months is enough.

Yeah, 2 months is enough :+1:t2::+1:t2:

17th?? DAO is already launched

Yeah, dao is live now. Don’t miss Q&A 10 minutes left.

I hope Cook looks into this, the market volatility cannot be overemphasized

It’s was great. I am very satisfied

Yes ma’am. You are on cook Dao. Lol

Dao is live now.and dont miss Q&A recap.