COOK Staking page (English translations)

I understand English may be a second language, but the webpage for COOK Staking could use better English.
We want people to trust COOK and get a good impression. Bad English could make some skeptical of the product and/or services.
Just a suggestion.

Cook is known for high level of staking and liquidity mining. It always feels good to stake

Indeed their is no English error in webpage…

Well planned. I always enjoy staking my Cook

Really? What does “Grand New” mean?

You’re telling me that “more staking pool” is grammatically correct?

That’s me being sarcastic🙃, am glad you brought it to notice. Admins can you do something about it?

Oh I see Your point. It’s true that for most of us English is not our first language.
It’s not a big deal but yes, I think its worth to care about those things too. It may has influence on the Cook image. :blush:

Thank you for hearing me out. I want the project to do well.

It’s good you brought it into consideration, now admins will look into it.

That’s why Dao was launched, Cook will do better

Cook will do well, with DAO now everyone can share their opinions and the team can listen to us

Thanks for the feedback! I will get this over to the team and have this updated :+1:

Am so glad, Dao got launched. Now we can air our minds

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Yeah, everyone can speak up, all for the betterment of Cook.

That’s the good part of it. Cook will continue to be better, now that Dao is launched. All is alright

Hahaha am just seeing it actually, Dao launch will make everything alright

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The admins are already responding to most of the complains. We are not deliberating for nothing. Our word as the Community matters heavily


True, now the community have a say to what will happen in the community


It’s not Everytime you come across a platform like this on other projects


You mean Dao platform right?

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