Cook’s Community Incentive & Airdrop program

Cook Indexes (ckTokens) are very effective as token portfolio management tools. Cook should demonstrate Cook Indexes as tools of treasury management for DAOs and as great way to bring more engagement by community members.

I think Cook’s Community Incentive & Airdrop program will be a perfect candidate for such demonstration. We can issue and convert 100,000,000 COOK tokens to 100,000 Cook Believer Index tokens (CBI) as holdings and as future incentives for Cook community’s engagement.


we need such incentive program, maybe airdrop, for sure it will help with community engagement


first we need CBI to be implemented and then we can think about the airdrop, but I agree that this is good idea


yes please do it. no doubt, the community is the main power behind all crypto projects. inventive is the way to appreciate their loyalty. we should have it very soon. the hype will be good because CIP 15 has been passed and will be deployed too.


The proposal is all good since crypto user seem to like airdrop.


This will attract more members to join the community plus they will recognize how broad and great this project.


I smell a pump when this is launched, I support this idea. Indeed Cook Indexes are very effective


It will be very effective since crypto communities like airdrops alot. This is going to make a massive movement once it’s launched. I vote for this :100:. :rocket::rocket:

with 1:1000 ratio, CBI:COOK, CBI will have a good future on Cook Finance platform. CBI as incentives is a good move. I’m supporting this idea.

I see that CBI have a huge impact on the COOK in the near future because crypto communities like airdrops and incentives are a good way attract new holders.

This strategy will attract more investors and users to the platform and they will know how great this project is. Cook has many usecase that can give a multiple asset.

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Exactly my point, this will bring inn more holders and it will help alot. I think we should launch this

It´d be a nice move.
Cooking for the community!

I think this is going to help the community to grow faster and bringing more value to Cook. Everyone loves incentives.

Once thought about having tools for treasury management in the DAO and it good that the issue was raised now.
I support the idea

This is a good idea cause it help to easily manage Cook portfolio easily without having stress of converting and estimate Cook’s holdings. The CBI is very easy to manage and account for.