Cook Believer Index (CBI)

Create Cook Believer Index (CBI) which encumbers1000 COOK tokens per CBI

Community members who hold large quantities of COOK governance tokens find the denomination of their holdings too complicated and therefore inconvenient to manage their inventory.

Participation in holding CBI by community members will allow for better identification of repeated and loyal users of Cook Index Products.


I agree that this is not easy to manage your Cook governance inventory and handle the denomination. I already have an idea how to help with adoption of CBI.


COOK Believer Index (CBI) that encumbers COOK on a 1:1000 basis, so simple and so brilliant


COOK is indeed a rare DeFi project with exceptional features, especially the yield farming which is second to none.


The CBI is such a rare and brilliant idea, let’s all throw our weight behind this guys.


redenomination with CBI? sounds good. I believe most of you sometimes difficult to manage a bunch of $COOK that you have. Plus, CBI, in the future can be used as proof of loyalty in Cook Finance community. Cook Believer can be given extra incentives, better APR, future airdrop, NFT, etc.


Absolutely. I believe CBI, being used in the Cook Finance community as proof of loyalty very soon. And these CBI incentives will really be great too


This is a nice strategy! CBI will give relief to those who cant manage their inventory properly. You have my support!


I think we should launch this, it’s a unique idea… I vote in support. This will move Cook forward for sure


Simple, unique and Smart
I completely support this for sure


Cook Believe Index is quite a good one so at least large holders of Cook governance will be able to get things done easily.

CBI is prospective. can be used for proof of participation to get some benefits in Cook Finance in the future.

If the CBI will allow better identification of repeated and loyal users of Cook Index Products it nice since it will serve as compensation to them.

CBI will save time and effort to every Cook believers handling their inventory. Hasstle free!

Indeed CBI will save alot. Let’s launch this… Am all inn

Looking forward to CBI, this will help holders to manage their inventory properly and the Cook team to properly recognize loyal users.

I expect this concept to render a good involvement opportunity that will help you generate more trust and betterment plans ahead.
It supported by me.

Managing an inventory is very important and in a situation whereby people that hold large tons of COOK governance tokens having an issue with managing their index a solution is need to be implemented
I believe CBI is an answer.
You have my support!

Yeah. This is the answer to fix their Cook governance tokens and to arrange it properly. This will help alot!

True, this will help alot. CBI is a smart idea. Quite simple but smart