CIP #12 - Ethereum Ecosystem Index on Avalanche

Cook Improvement Proposal #12

CIP # 12

Title: Ethereum Ecosystem Index on Avalanche

Status: Proposed

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Created: 1/18/2022

Executive Summary

To add an index composed by some of the best Ethereum ecosystem tokens

Problem Statement

Currently only Native Avalanche project tokens are available on Cook such as the Avalanche Ecosystem Index. But nothing exists outside of the Avalanche ecosystem in terms of project tokens

Proposed Solution


To create an index composed by tokens of protocols originated from the Ethereum chain.


It’s always good to diversify your portfolio. Providing an Ethereum Ecosystem exposure index gives Cook Avalanche users an option to diversify crypto investments.


To request that the Cook core team implement an Ethereum ecosystem exposure index. The components should be WETH.e, LINK.e, AAVE.e, CRV.e, WOO.e, ALPHA.e. SPELL, and the allocation should be based on market cap with 25% cap as allocation limit.


I fully support this proposal

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I also support this proposal, we need even more Indexes not only ETH but others like BNB for example

Thanks for carrying the torch on this one. I bowed out when it seemed like there wasn’t going to be support on the proposal that cage and myself had come up with. It looks like there would be sufficient liquidity for the addition of WETH.e. I’m curious about the inclusion of SPELL, though, for an Ethereum ecosystem exposure index. Can you elaborate on the decision behind carrying SPELL with the other bridged tokens?

What a great CIP from the Cook community. Very nice to see the Cooks in the kitchen working together

This proposal is welcoming since it will increase the investor’s interest and I like the idea of adding some of the best Ethereum ecosystem tokens.