CBI as an incentive to engage community members

Today DeFi community don’t have proper tools that allow better management of multiple rewards and incentives, especially for tools that are always fully collateralized 1-to-1, are always fully redeemable or on-demand, are non-custodial, non-dilutive, etc, etc

Feedbacks from active products users and community members are crucial to create the appropriate product market fit and to grow the ecosystem. We need CBI as an incentive for community members to engage a lot more as right now.


Without incentive there always will be a lack of feedback especially from smaller players,
I fully support CBI as an incentive to engage community members.

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the incentive will make the community and supporters more active in giving feedback for the betterment of the platform. It can also attract new users. I am supporting this CBI incentive.


Creating of CIB that engaged the community members is a good idea because it will generate more trust within the project team and the community.


I think without incentive there will be lack of feedbacks, I fully support CBI. let’s go

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I believe no one will disagree with this idea. Incentives and more rewards are always good for the community and holders.


Yes, you’re correct. Rewards and incentives are good motivation to keep the community and holders energized.

Creating CBI that will allow feedback from active user and investors will create an extremely good relationship between the Cook team and investor.

CBI will create an excitement to the active user’s. Who doesn’t love incentives right? This is the key to a healthy community. I support this :+1:

This is going to be exciting for Cook Team, CBI is a good idea. I approve it

Incentives encourage users become more active and involve in many aspects. The CIB is a good idea and will make Cook grow faster because there will be more interest.

Having the require proper tools for the ease of better management of multiple rewards and incentives.
I support the deployment of CBI.

CBI as incentive will give a good result for engagement from the community. For sure many Cook believers will participate.

I like the idea… When will it be launched? It will move Cook further too

I agree with this idea & looking forward to it’s launch, because rewards and incentives are a very good motivation

Many Cook believers will be happy with this. More engaged and it will attract more users to the platform

Like I said this proposal is just great, well-done Cook Team. CBI is a simple and smart idea

Yes, I really do think that incentives matter tremendously. A reward system has way of pushing people to engage especially in open communities like this.