Avalanche Single Asset Indexes with diversified yield bearing

I think it would be good for Cook to have BTC and ETH as single asset indexes with the added benefit of diversified yield farming to reduce risks. The other single asset indexes have gotten a lot of interest so these would probably be good to add to the Cook platform.


Yes adding Bitcoin is good, so I could earn yield on my holdings.

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Let’s hope to get these indexes soon!

I’d be very interested in these types of indexes as I hold both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

BTC and ETH with yield bearing diversification sounds great

Adding BTC and ETH as single asset indexes with the inclusion of diversified yield farming benefit will be an excellent concept.

I support this idea and i wish it executed already.

Amazing, I quite agree with this, good indexes. It’s even more cool now that am holding both BTC and Eth

This is fine for me but I think adding other single asset index with diversified yield bearing will be interesting.