Avalanche Ecosystem Yield Bearing Index Update

The Yield Bearing Avalanche Ecosystem Index is good but MEMO is not. We should have this index improved and replace MEMO with another token. Let’s propose a new Avalanche Ecosystem Index with yield bearing.


Hey let’s do this good idea everyone. New improved index!


MEMO is not good remove remove remove!


Don’t want to say “I told you” but I have when we discussed this Index, good that it be removed

I’m not opposed to MEMO being replaced, but what would it be replaced with? We’d need to look for single assets that aren’t bridged tokens or stable coins, through Yield Yak (matching the others), and that narrows things down to:

*Baguette (BAG): TVL $29.5K, APY 12%
*Gondola (GDL): TVL $18.7K, APY 83%
*Canary (CNR): TVL $3.33K, APY 41%
*Olive (OLIVE): TVL $0, APY 79%

None of them have a TVL high enough for consideration in an index, IMO.
There’s Beefy Finance (BIFI) with a TVL of $2.11M, APY 7.97%.
Does anyone know of any others?

Let’s make a better yield-bearing index with popular Avax projects

I agree with everyone here it all makes sense

Agreed I think more people in the Avalanche community would like to see anything having to do with MEMO gone especially with what was discovered about their co-founder

Agree, I don’t think it’s good idea to include tokens from not high TVL protocols.

BIFI looks a good protocol, but it’s more like a cross chain protocol rather than avalanche native.

Actually, how about combing AEI and ybAEI into one index? Tokens of good projects on Avalanche all can be included in this combined AEI index. For those are farmable through lending/staking then make them wrapped, for those not farmable, just simply hold. In this way, a more diversified index can be created.

XAVAX looks a good candidate as well. It’s 3xx ranked MarketCap on coingecko across all chains.
It has 10M liquidity on Pangolin

Wouldn’t using BIFI be like using JOE or PNG on TraderJoe or Pangonlin, respectively? I thought that’s what AEI was made up of, aside from TIME.
What should I keep an eye out for, just tokens that can be farmed/staked with good liquidity, not bridged, and not stablecoin?

That would be a good way to do it. It’s similar to how PieDAO is listing out the allocation of indexes by the strategy: Lending, Staking, or None (Holding).
BLZZ might be a good candidate, as well (if I’m understanding things correctly). It’s ranked lower on coingecko, but has $4.3M liquidity on Trader Joe.

There had been complains on MEMO and I think removing it as fast as possible would be ok and much satisfying.

Am expecting launch on this, its a good idea. Really smart too. Let’s do this